Productivity, the workplace and Covid-19

The key to driving productivity in the knowledge economy is understanding what makes people happy and ambitious to perform at their best.

We believe that a high quality work environment is vital in achieving this.

With widespread Covid-enforced homeworking, we have a unique opportunity to investigate how different working environments impact our performance and what changes may help drive improvements in productivity.

Maslow’s ‘hierarchy of needs’ posits that we have a range of ‘needs’ that influence our wellbeing and behaviour, but that we only focus on ‘higher order’ requirements once our more fundamental needs have been met. We have adapted Maslow’s hierarchy to examine how an organisation’s workspace, management and knowledge environment combine to meet our ‘workplace needs’.

We conclude that organisations need to think about workplace evolution as a journey rather than a destination as they strive to provide the optimum working environment for their people.

Click tiers for description

Click tiers for description


The management and organisation of individuals and teams in a way that maximises their individual and collective efficiency and effectiveness.


The design and fitout of the physical workplace that best supports the interactions, work processes and human needs of individuals and teams.


The data, information, knowledge and technology needed by teams and individuals to undertake their work.

Productivity, the workplace and Covid-19



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