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Espresso Briefing

In our latest Espresso Briefing for the public sector our panel of experts highlighted the importance of cost containment and identified the strategic and ‘quick win’ areas to focus on to manage property portfolio more efficiently and minimise real estate costs.

Lets talk about flex

While inevitable, the ever-evolving tiered approach to dealing with the pandemic is at best challenging and at worst potentially debilitating for occupiers of commercial property. At the beginning of the year, we had 40 million people across England living under Tier 4 restrictions and have now entered another lockdown. The implications of this for businesses from all sectors bring many different problems - work space needs are undoubtedly one of them.

10 ways estates teams can help councils manage operational costs in the current climate and beyond

The catastrophic impact on local government finances brought on by C-19 is putting property and finance professionals under unenviable pressure, with an increasing number of councils facing s114 notices over coronavirus. It does not help that additional funding from Whitehall is expected to be significantly less than is required this year, as research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies suggests.

We’re in the same storm, just in different boats

Myriad references to cost containment in the real estate world have been focussed on mitigating the pandemic’s impact on occupier organisations. Whether nationally recognised brand or small independent, occupier challenges around cash flow, cost mitigation, only necessary expenditure, redundancies, cost of making workplaces safe and accessible or staff retention have been prevalent. While these conversations have their rightful place, we cannot forget that the disruption of 2020 impacted landlords and investors too.

How to contain costs and future proof real estate

Cost containment will be a top priority for the foreseeable future and the real estate portfolio offers an array of opportunities with many businesses looking to real estate specialists for guidance on the best cost-saving strategies.

Avison Young launches new cost containment service

Avison Young has identified 10 areas of focus, split into two categories; quick wins and strategic opportunities. The service brings together multiple occupier focused disciplines; including strategic advice, occupier managed services, business rates, investment, lease advisory, workplace, agency, service charge advice and sustainability. It is specifically designed to provide an integrated solution tailored to clients’ individual business needs.

Containing office costs in the post-lockdown era

As companies transition back to the office and set out on the road to economic recovery, business leaders are focussed on developing resilient and sustainable strategies. Faced with a new business environment, companies are looking for opportunities to contain office costs, both in the short-term and in the future.

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