Review service charges

A review of your service charges can mitigate costs and achieve savings on your service charge liability


  • Do you benefit from all the services you are contributing towards?
  • Is the service charge complying with your lease terms?

  • Has best practice of service charge been taken into account?
  • Are major works being undertaken?


Service charges can form a significant part of an occupier’s outgoings. A forensic audit of the service charges you are contributing towards can result in savings and lead to a reduction in costs.

Our specialist team have a wealth of experience providing service charge reviews and understand the intricacies and complexities of this work. We are able to investigate your service charge outgoings to ensure:

  • Your landlord is complying with the terms of your lease
  • The costs represent value for money
  • Best practice is being observed
  • Any major works you are contributing to are reasonable and valid
  • Demands are being raised correctly

Where applicable, we can negotiate a reduction in costs with landlords. We secured savings of £4.5m for our clients in 2021. Our investigations can be used to release efficiency savings for tenants, refine budgets and inform business decisions.

To find out more about our service charge consultancy services please click here.

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