APRIL 2022

Issue #02 | Article 01 / 04

Technology in the industrial supply chain and fueling real estate decisions with data

A conversation about how innovation and data analytics change the way we deliver insights to help industrial clients reach critical real estate decisions.

Innovation and data analytics are driving the information that decision-makers need in order to make every-day and long-term decisions about real estate operations, strategies and investments.

Ben Sykes, Ryan Kerr and Marie-France Benoit discuss the role of technology for clients in the industrial sector.


Filmed on location in Vancouver at Bench Railtown and in Toronto at 35 Golden Ave.

Data is everywhere. Users in this day and age are looking to triangulate a decision and it’s up to us to use what’s in our toolbox – specifically, AVANT – to help with a final decision and leverage what’s at their fingertips, whether that’s mobility data or foot traffic analysis.”

Ben Sykes

Sales Representative, Principal, Industrial

Avison Young

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Our experts who contributed to this article

Ben Sykes

Sales Representative, Principal, Industrial Investment

Avison Young

Marie-France Benoit

Director of Insights, Canada

Avison Young

Explore Viewpoints #02 by Avison Young

Explore Viewpoints #02 by Avison Young

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