Health and wellbeing

People centered design

Working from home has never been so prolific or accepted as in 2020. But investors and company leaders need to see a return to the workplace to;

  • reinforce their brand (both asset and organisation) with clients.
  • support their people with greater opportunities for collaboration and social connection which help to reduce health risks.

Ensuring an environment that addresses both health issues and safety concerns and encourages productivity is critical to protecting the value of your asset.

Where are you on your wellbeing journey?

  • We feel this is an important success factor for our business
  • We want to deliver technical results or better performance
  • We believe prioritised investment will deliver sustained benefits and add value to assets
  • We have ambition to transform in line with our peers and shareholder expectations
  • We believe it is the right thing to do
  • We don’t know where to start
  • We don’t have a strategic plan
  • We don’t know how to translate a corporate target into action
  • We don’t know how to prioritise interventions
  • We need to know how to blance investment with emissions impact
  • We don’t know how and what to change

We help developers and organisations deliver projects which maximise the appeal of their assets through a focus on wellbeing for end users

A multidisciplinary approach is the key to delivering truly impactful wellbeing in real estate. Our blend of technical expertise and practical management is brought together to deliver healthier, more productive and inviting spaces that meet the expectations of today’s investors and occupiers.

We identify opportunities to facilitate wellbeing principles at all points of the property life cycle: ensuring that initiatives and features are considered at the most cost-effective stages of the design, construction and occupation phases.

This may incorporate accreditations or bespoke initiatives for your asset. We have delivered market-leading wellbeing certification on multiple assets, generating higher specification health and wellbeing fit outs and developments for our clients.


Options identification and assessment will shape your route

Wellbeing in design

  • Wellbeing design principles WELL Design Gap Analysis
  • Design & Construction Review & Commentary
  • Commissioning & Audit
  • Asset manager and investor design strategies
  • Bespoke action plans

Appropriate certification

  • WELL accreditation
  • WELL Health-Safety Rating
  • Fitwel accreditation
  • Reset (Air Quality)
  • Certification alignment

Assess and improve existing buildings

  • Healthy building audit
  • Ventilation Improvement
  • Indoor Air Quality Programme
  • Acoustic Improvement
  • Circadian Lighting Productivity Programme
  • Biophilic Design & Landscaping Advancement
  • Healthy Materials Usage Policy

Bespoke wellbeing programme

  • Occupational / Behavioral Psychology Strategies
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation & Building Performance Analyses (Building User Surveys)
  • Living Workplace & Change Management
  • WELL Commercial, Residential, Health, Education
  • Asset Manager design principles

Design for wellbeing

Our application of health and wellbeing principles:


WELL certification of projects

WELL certification leverages property interventions to deliver increased end user health and wellbeing whilst increased asset value for the developer

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Reset certification or aligning to Reset

WELL Health Safety Rating

Facility Operations and Management: enabling a safe return to the workplace

Fitwel certification of projects

Delivering a full project service (existing buildings)

A wellbeing programme

Wherever you are on your progression to a healthier office we can assist you reaching your wellbeing goals.

This diagram illustrates the various wellbeing intervention points across the lifecycle of a typical office.

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