Rightsize and relocate

Are you paying for more space than you need?


  • Have you reviewed the purpose, size, space mix, location and configuration of your portfolio in light of the new business environment? What changes could you make?
  • Is there potential to eliminate surplus space and move to lower cost locations to help identify real cash savings opportunities?
  • Should space requirements be re-assessed, considering changes in density, the potential for smart working and flexible space?
  • Are there market opportunities for relocation and cost savings?


The greatest cost reduction opportunities for real estate costs are from reducing the footprint and moving non-essential functions out of high cost locations. These strategies can deliver win-win situations; operating savings can go hand in hand with productivity improvements, employee experience and well-being, flexibility, resilience and carbon reduction.

As business and workforce strategies adapt to the economic environment and workplace and travel restrictions created by the health crisis, your property portfolio should also realign.

We have a tried and tested location and portfolio planning methodology, developed over many years, working with organisations ranging from a single site to those spanning more than 500 locations. Our team of management and financial consultants work with property experts to help you identify the opportunity, quantify the benefits and define pragmatic strategies.

For more information please contact:

Guy Brett Principal Strategic Business Advisory guy.brett@avisonyoung.com