Make smart working stick

Are you reaping the benefits of lower overheads and better performance from embedding smart working?


  • Has homeworking during the lockdown indicated that there may be some untapped performance or productivity prizes?
  • What is the value of those prizes?
  • What do you need to do and spend to win the prizes – and what is the return on investment?


Smart working enables not just reduction of property-related costs, but more importantly, it can also improve top line revenue through performance and productivity gains.

We all know that we work at our best and produce the most when we have the right environment, tools, connectivity, collaboration, reward, recognition and management in place. Not only do we work better, but we feel better and healthier, with fewer hours and days lost through sickness and apathy.

Furthermore, being granted choices over how and where we work signals that we are trusted by our bosses and encouraged to co-create a successful and sustainable organisation.

With people and their performance at the centre, realizing the benefits of smart working requires securing productivity improvements alongside space cost savings informed by well-researched space parameters. This has to be underpinned by detailed and extensive engagement with staff and senior management teams so that workspaces are fully aligned with business strategy to drive performance.

These are complex issues that require all aspects of performance management – the physical environment, the technology tools and the management and HR practices - to be worked together side by side. Our national team of workplace professionals cover a range of disciplines necessary to successfully deliver such transformations, including workplace strategy, research, change management and project management. We have extensive experience of developing and delivering smart working strategies for many household names in the private and public sectors.

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Chris Dumas Principal Workplace, Arts & Culture